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Monica Duncan

Gym Bag

Video,  2008
7:30 minutes

Gymbag documents my attempt to become a gym bag. Whether or not the piece succeeds in this reading, I am interested in the task of assuming the form of the bag: body as bag-image. Bag-body hung on wall—volition lost—possibility of a tumble.

I did not want to get in to a bag, to use my body to help fill-out the dimensional form of a bag. Rather, body as bag. Elastic sewn onto clothing—the suit, the skin, the fabric of the bag.

In my studio I constructed a blank, gray space of contrived neutrality: the pursuit of an abstraction. The gym bag is left on the wall: first a mount that is at once awkward and elegant, necessary to achieve suspension, sag, and release. An empathetic act and a figuring of physics: how much weight could the elastic hold, what form must the body assume, what would be the relationship of hand, arm, hook—how to get myself hung-up, without any assistance?

I wanted to become an object—to feel a sense of gravity through the release of the vertical, upright body. Maintain a state of embryonic equilibrium, balance while rendering myself immobile. Pose is literally the action of putting down or putting something in place—an act of constraint and of self-regulation—a movement towards the suspension and coexistence of both the banal and erotic.