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Monica Duncan

Towards Readiness

Video,  B. 2009

What is readiness? What is the behavioral and temporal logic of preparedness? How can I use the language of official training manuals (diagrams, drawings, instructions) to address current issues of perfomativity and documentation? How does the image of safety re-focus energy on the body? Is there a loss of volition between the imagined moment of readiness and its actualization in the form of rescue?

The videos from Towards Readiness (Basket Grip, Drag and Carry, Blanket Drag) were derived from my experiences in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training. In developing the project, I was interested in parallels of training and rehearsal, improvisation within a limited duration, maneuvering through complexities of scale (ie. The scale of the space in relation to the performers, the scale of the unknown or imagined event in relation to the performers and finally the scale of action the performers can take in preparing/resolving the unknown catastrophe) and makeshift rescue objects.

READY. the playing fields of terror as usual by Glenna Jennings

Drag and Carry
HD Video, 12 minutes

Blanket Drag
Monica Duncan and Lara Odell
HD Video, 2:40 minutes

Basket Grip
Monica Duncan and Lara Odell
Video, 4:30 minutes
(single channel mock-up for three channel installation)

Note: Below images are video stills and installation documentation.