Rochester Knocking

The middle class home at the turn of the century includes numerous technological devices with which Americans developed strange relationships. As if trying to bring out the phantom specter from the mechanisms of the parlor piano, living room radio, Kodak Brownie cameras, door hinges and tabletops, the19th/20th century American lifestyle cultivated a repertoire of gestures and sounds that transcended pure object-hood.

Rochester Knocking was performed on May 16th, 2011 at California State University, San Marcos.

Artistic Director: Monica Duncan
Associate Art Director and Music Programming: Ross Karre
Associate Stage and Technical Director: Neil Fried

Ben Johnston: Knocking Piece (1962)
Eric Derr and Dustin Donahue, percussion

John Cage: Sonatas IV, V, IIIV (1946-1948)
Jeff Treviño, piano

James Tenney: Deus Ex Machina (1982)
Justin DeHart, percussion

Henry Cowell: The Banshee (1925)
Bonnie Whiting Smith, percussion

Martin Hiendl: to be the bell and then to fall (2011) premiere
Meghann Welsh, voice

Human Chain Acting As Radio Antenna
Christine Herde

The Door
Emily Aust

Performers on Video
Eric Derr, Eric Geiger, Karen Schaffman, Bonnie Whiting Smith

Lighting Operator: Andrew Reed
Audio Assitant: Matt Unwin
Technical Assistance: Chad Huggins and Albert Rascon

Video Documentation: Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli and Matt Unwin
Audio Documentation: Martin Hiendl