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Monica Duncan

Living Pictures

Monica Duncan and Lara Odell
Video,  B. 2003
approximately 10 minutes each

In Living Pictures, the settings – laundromat, stadium, beach – become stages in which Duncan and Odell perform still actions. In these motionless, durational states, they become equal to their surroundings. The artists wear matching outfits in distinct colors similar to elements of the scene and place themselves in situations as if they are objects in a flat composition. For example in Stadium, they embody the same color of the signage “Ladies” while in Behind the Autostore, they assume the color of the building as to blend in with the background. Like matching colors, stillness is a form of camouflage. The buildings and objects remain still, and so do they. Both natural light and random elements, such as passersby and cars create a perceptual shift which alerts the viewer to the passing of time.

Video excerpt: