Monica Duncan and Lara Odell
Video,  2003

Antibodies is an episodic project with several components: Color Theory, Chromaphobia, Noise Lessons, and other adventures in shoplifting—all of which fall under the Antibodies. The Antibodies are an interchangable duo whose activities range from matching colored objects in public spaces (building signs and caution tape, for instance) to their color charts, processing frequencies—both visually (colors) and aurally (noise)—in a lab, and stealing orange and blue objects that don’t belong to them. The Antibodies also engage in playing on the concept of the twin or double, a device used to weaken the notion of the individual and to enhance the possibility of becoming a multiple—maybe an attempt at public camouflage. An example of this can be seen in their educational show, Noise Lessons, where the twins multiply into a set of four. Becoming both instructors and students simultaneously, they perform the concept of the (noisy) feedback loop.