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Performance, 2014, 12 minutes

In the context of a group photo session, CHEESE plays with this very word spoken in preparation for a photograph while simultaneously addressing the interrelationship of voice, facial expression and bodily movement. The performers say “cheese” as long as possible while performing various movements such as “shaking as fast as possible,” “opening their mouths as wide as possible” and “speaking as quiet as possible” in order to modulate their own voices. Structured as a series of shifting poses from the family photograph to the girl-band to the repeating political handshake, CHEESE explores how to compose a picture, how to get into the picture and how to become part of a group.

Concept and Choreography: Monica Duncan

Performed and realized with: Elisabeth Hampe, Eva Kessler, Janna Pinsker, Anja Sauer, Joana Tischkau

Performed at zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany as part of the Wilsonstraße Festival, Jan. 23, 2015

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