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Circle of Times

Pauline Oliveros, Neil Fried, Monica Duncan, Dick Robinson, Lucy Stovall, Aimee Rydarowski, Aaron Ruschetta, Kimberly Twarog and Michael Montagne, Performance, 2006, 60 minutes

Circle of Times was produced during a three-day workshop with Pauline Oliveros at Railroad Earth (Atlanta, GA). Pauline employed her Extended Instrument System to process musical input. Members of RAW (Residency Arts Workshop) processed live and recorded video using Max/MSP/Jitter. Throughout the year, members of RAW were investigating physical architectures we are surrounded by and the process by which we negotiate their occupancy through street performance, architectural rubbings and semi-permanent silhouettes on buildings. These experiments lead up to the site-specific video and performance installation (house as projection space) in Circle of Times.

Circle of Times was premiered at Railroad Earth on May 13th, 2006.

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