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Surface Connection

In collaboration with Senem Pirler, Audiovisual Performance/Video Installation

Surface Connection explores the concept of queer space, queer objects, and their relationship between queer bodies in audiovisual space through a series of audiovisual recipes where we touch/vibrate/fluctuate/excite surfaces and objects. During our residency at Signal Culture, we channeled our camp sensibility and created performative actions by “vibrating”, “deviating” and “disrupting” bodies, objects, and surfaces from their normative representations and their linear paths. Using real-time signal processing tools and improvisational strategies, we developed a language which amplifies these acts of “touching” through audiovisual interaction.

In Surface Connection, we set up reflective surfaces such as mylar, survival blankets, huge helium balloons as backdrops to perform and to create a fluid, liminal space. We attach contact mics to the surfaces and also set up live cameras to capture the reflections of the space, its movement, and the gestures of the performers. We use vibrators, tuning forks, pitch pipe, unicorn horn dildo, milk frother, bell peppers, balloons, voice, fingers, fans to vibrate/shake/wobble/resonate the surfaces.

Made with support from Signal Culture, The Institute for Electronic Arts and The New York State Council on the Arts.

Surface Connection, Audiovisual Performance, B. 2020, Duration Varies (20-30 minutes)
Surface Connection, SD Video, 2018, 9:20 minutes
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