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Micro Theater:  La Dolce Vita

In collaboration with Romuald Krężel, Performance, 16 minutes, 2016

Micro Theater: La Dolce Vita is a short-form participatory performance that addresses the precarious nature of artistic labor and the performer/audience dynamics within a performance. We made the budget visible which is normally concealed to the audience. In Micro Theater: La dolce vita, 5000 one-zloty coins are hidden in a suitcase and placed in front of the audience. We invite the audience to think with us: “what could we do with this budget together?” 

Micro Theater: La Dolce Vita was commissioned as part of the year-long “Micro Theater" project curated by Tomasz Plata and produced by Komuna//Warszawa (Warsaw) in which selected artists were asked to create a 16 minute “microtheater” work under very specific conditions: maximum 4 people, 4 lights, 2 microphones, 1 projector and 1 prop that fits in a suitcase.

MICRO THEATRE La dolce vita 1.jpg
MICRO THEATRE La dolce vita 2.jpg
MICRO THEATRE La dolce vita 3.jpg
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