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Claire Chase, for solo flute, live electronics and mass community participation, 2018, 90 minutes

"Composed by Marcos Balter, directed by Douglas Fitch, and produced by Jane M. Saks and Project&, Pan is a 90-minute participatory performance for flutist Claire Chase, electronics, and mass community participation in the form of a large ensemble of non-professional or trained players/collaborators. Imani Uzuri joins as a featured performer.

The latest iteration of Chase’s 23-year Density 2036 project, the piece uses seven tableaux exploring the life of the god Pan, one of only two Greek deities said to have been put to death. It marshals myth to articulate and explore the tensions of our contemporary lives and world. The experience and creative participation attempt to demonstrate, rather than speculate, how music-making allows for societies and communities to create together, shape space, question, reflect, re-visit, re-order and arrive in new and re-imagined locations again and again."

Claire Chase, Pan

Marcos Balter, composer
Douglas Fitch, director
Project& and Jane M Saks, commissioner, producer and collaborative partner

Nick Houfek, Technical Director, Lighting

Monica Duncan, Video Design

Premiered March 2nd, 2018 at The Kitchen

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