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The Nubian Word for Flowers

Pauline Oliveros (composer) and Ione (director, text), Opera, 120 minutes, 2017

"Experiments in Opera, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), and Ministry of Maat celebrated the life and legacy of Pauline Oliveros with the world premiere of her opera collaboration with writer/director IONE, The Nubian Word for Flowers at Roulette in Brooklyn on November 30, 2017. Encompassing the Nubian Diaspora and the life of Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener of Khartoum, the opera uses live performance, electronics and moving images to create a deep dream exploration of Nubian soul and Colonial Mind."

Michael Weyandt – Bass-Baritone (Lord Kitchener)
Lisa E. Harris – Soprano (Orkney Woman, Zar Woman, Sybille and Cheiro, Lord C, Dunne: “The Oracle”)
Peter Tantsits – Tenor (Colonel Oswald & Cheiro, Lord C, Dunne: “The Oracle”)
Alice Teyssier – Soprano (Hermione and Cheiro, Lord C, Dunne: “The Oracle”)
Zizo – Baritone and Oud, Flute, Duff (The Nubian Boatman)
IONE – Text and Vocals (The Interviewer)

International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
Nicholas DeMaison – Music Director
IONE – Direction
Rebecca Rouse – Assistant Director and Dramaturg
Monica Duncan, Ross Karre – Video Design
Fay Eva – Costume Designer
Nick Houfek – Lighting Design
Senem Pirler – Sound Engineer

Premiered on Novemeber 30th, 2017 at Roulette.

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